The early days

Organic food has not always been as commonplace as it is today. In the 1950s, Lima’s founder, Pierre Gevaert, met George Ohsawa from Japan, one of the pioneers of macrobiotics. The pair struck up a friendship and Pierre began to delve more deeply into the subject of healthy eating.

George taught Pierre all about the Yin and Yang concept of balance in nutrition. Eating a balanced and healthy diet keeps our mind and body in harmony, which in turn helps us to feel better. Based on this philosophy, in 1957 Pierre set up the food company Lima, named after George Ohsawa’s wife.

From Japanese condiments to spelt cakes

In the early days, Lima primarily brought to the market condiments from Japanese and other world cuisines such as gomasio, tamari, miso and tahini. Healthy alternatives to staple products such as rice crackers, wholegrain flakes, muesli and coffee substitutes were also launched.

Slowly but surely, Lima’s range grew, incorporating a wide range of innovative products from Japan and around the world. All Lima products are prepared with a great deal of care and respect for nature and the environment.

60 years promoting healthy living

This year, Lima is celebrating its 60th birthday - a milestone which has given us an even greater zest for life than ever! We are still as passionately committed to organic food as we were 60 years ago and we are delighted that ever more people have come to share our passion. We know that we live is better when we do so in harmony with ourselves and with all other life on earth. For us, our 60th birthday is the ideal opportunity to redouble our efforts to promote our philosophy and we are doing this with a refreshing new corporate identity and a new slogan: “Live life to the full”.

With the philosophy of maintaining “a healthy mind in a healthy body” at the forefront of our work, Lima has for 60 years been developing healthy vegetable-based foods. The Lima range comprises high-quality products which are both certified organic and 100% vegetarian. We use pure ingredients without any additives or preservatives. Our packaging is also designed to impact the environment as little as possible.