Quality control

Lima Expert: quality control

Every year, we carry out numerous tests to ensure that the quality of our products meets our nutrition principles.

At Lima, we do not compromise on quality - indeed we go above and beyond the standards required by law. And speaking of standards: did you know that the specifications employed by Lima were used as a benchmark for the first organic standards in Europe?

Our own Lima Expert laboratory has been conducting very rigorous internal inspections of all steps of the production, handling and distribution methods used for our food products - from raw ingredient to finished product - since the 1960s. We do this in addition to the external inspections carried out by Certisys, an independent inspection body recognised by the Belgian government that verifies the organic quality of food products. Products that satisfy the requirements imposed on their production and/or importation are awarded a certificate. All Lima’s organic products have been awarded this certificate.

What checks does the Lima Expert laboratory carry out?

The laboratory uses the following ISO 20000-certified procedures to monitor the quality of Lima food products:

Inspection of suppliers’ processes and ingredients:

  • Organic certification

  • Choice of ingredients, including verification of origin and certification

  • Checks on production processes

  • Quality assessment of the end product

  • Traceability of ingredients and packaging materials

  • Use of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) prohibited

Clearly-defined agreements with and inspections of our suppliers guarantee consistent quality. Lima seeks to foster relationships with suppliers that are based on honest and open cooperation. In addition to the inspections in the Lima Expert laboratory, we also visit the production areas of our suppliers on a regular basis to inspect the processes and ingredients they use.

Guaranteeing residue-free products by:

  • Reviewing the results of ingredient analyses;

  • Supporting suppliers in evaluating or performing their analyses.

  • Inspecting end products

Guaranteeing product quality via checks of Lima’s foodstuffs upon entry:

  • Product contents

  • Aroma, colour and flavour of the product

  • Physical properties, such as pH, Brix, density, dry matter, etc.

  • Product purity

  • Risk assessment stemming from a hazard analysis of the product, from raw ingredient to end user

Guaranteeing the absence of radioactivity

  • Products originating from high-risk areas in Japan are inspected on arrival by the Federal Agency for the Safety of the Food Chain (FASFC).

  • Lima’s Expert Laboratory also takes samples from certain products which are then analysed by a specialist laboratory at Ghent University.