Our Oat range expands

Oats are trendy!

In our current range, we have 9 references based on oats.

Oat is an age-old known grain that has been around since 7000 BC. Oats prefer a mild climate with a lot of rainfall. The plant makes little demands on the soil. The oat plant is an annual, light green, up to 1 m high growing grass. After harvesting the grain, the dried grasses are used to make straw.

Oat drink coco

With the summer on our doorstep, there is an increasing demand for fresh summer flavors in the vegetable drinks range. Coconut is the perfect summer flavor.

The Oat coco drink contains 6% coconut from an organic coconut plantation in Sri Lanka. The drink is light and balanced thanks to the absence of lactose. The product also contains no added sugars, which means that the sugars in the product are naturally present from the coconut and oats. The product is also low in fat.

A refreshing drink ideal for the summer and particularly popular with the little ones, but also to flavor smoothies or to make milk-free exotic desserts.

Oat drink sugarfree

We are particularly proud of this oat drink at Lima!

By means of a specific enzymatic breakdown of starch, this oat drink is completely free of sugars.

In addition, the drink is also certified gluten-free because it was made from pure, full gluten-free oats. Like all our other drinks, Oat sugarfree is lactose-free.

All this ensures a particularly neutral and light taste ideal for sauces and uses in hot or cold dishes.