Our nutritional principles

A well balanced organic and vegan diet is naturally low in saturated fat and can provide your body with everything it needs: proteins, fibres, magnesium, potassium, antioxidants and vitamin C.

Lima products help you creating your own nutritional harmony with:

Whole grains - the nutrients and fibres contained in the sprouts, kernels and seeds of these grains are preserved.

Plant-based proteins - a smart combination of cereals and vegetables provides you with all the proteins your body cannot produce itself.

A preference for slow sugars - Sugars can be divided into two groups: Fast or simple sugars and slow or complex sugars. Fast sugars, like in fruit, are absorbed quickly by the body and release their energy quickly as well. Complex or slow sugars, like in grains, bread or pasta, release their energy into the body slowly. A good balance of both is key.

Unsaturated fats - They are key components of a healthy diet and are vital for an efficient metabolism. Grains and nuts - and products derived from them - are a valuable source of plant-based unsaturated fats.

Wherever possible, we avoid sugar and sweeteners. When we cannot do otherwise, we use vegetal syrups like rice syrup for example.

Harmony at the core of Lima’s products.

Nutritional and taste harmony are at the core of Lima’s products.

We follow our main nutritional principles: 100% plant-based, favoring wholefood and avoiding sugars.

We offer organic products that comply with the European organic label and go even further by testing our products for allergenes, pesticides and any unwanted elements in our Lima Expert Lab.

We preserve “natural harmony” as much as possible - the flavors and nutritional properties of the plants we use. We favor “slow positive transformations” like fermentation, infusion, smoking…

We create new nutritional and taste harmonies by offering surprising combinations or by having you discover new products from different culinary traditions, especially from Japan.

We offer you nutritional alternatives, so that our products are adapted to your specific needs: gluten-free, lactose-free, less salt, enriched in fibers or in proteins or caffeine-free…

We offer nutrient-dense condiments -Lima’s condiments are produced through traditional methods like fermentation. Fermented nutrients have a higher nutritional value together with a delicious taste.

A nutritional transparency...

We created clear symbols, very visible on our products, so that everyone can find one’s own personal harmony...