Main courses

  • Preparation:10 min
  • 30 min
  • Cooking time:20 min
  • people 4 people



  1. Bring abundant water (about 4litters) to a boil in a big pot.

  2. Meanwhile cut vegetables (Rucola: chop into 2-3cm length, Avocado: chop into dice and squeeze lemon juice to prevent color change, Paprika: cut into thin strips, Black olive: slice thinly), and toss the vegetable with the sauce (mix and emulsify followings: olive oil, balsamic vinegar and shoyu).

  3. Boil 40% Soba for 5-6 mins according to the indication. (When it’s about to boil over, add some water to prevent.) Drain using a strainer, wash in water prepared in a bowl, before further cooling down under running water and some ice. Drain well.

  4. Add 3 into 2, and toss well with adding some salt and white pepper to taste.

  5. Serve onto a plate with roasted walnut or fried onion as optional topping.

    Tips: Chilled white wine goes along well. Serve small portion onto chicory to serve at a party.