Japanese authenticity in spice mixes

A trip to Japan!

Herb and spice mixes are essential in many food cultures around the world. At Lima, we are passionate about Japanese cuisine. The richness, refinement in taste and authenticity of Japanese cuisine is unique, and an inspiration for our products for many years.

These three amazing spice mixes are ideal for adding a touch of Japanese authenticity to your dishes as well as creatively challenging you to experiment with new flavors. Are you ready for the Japanese trip? No passport needed!

Spice 100% Yuzu

This biological product consists of 100% ground YUZU zest. It's a luxury product that all chefs like to use for its delicate, tangy flavor. Yuzu, the crème de la crème of the citrus fruit of the Far East. Yuzu provides the unique umami experience! Like the Japanese, we love it. Yuzu is a citrus fruit which is similar in flavor to a combination of mandarin, grapefruit and lemon. More info.

Spice Yuzu Chili

A special and delicate seasoning that gives an original, spicy note to all your savory or sweet dishes. The flavor of yuzu is enhanced by a touch of Chili, ginger and onion. More info.

Spice Wasabi Kale

This product is 100% Lima proof. Wasabi is the Japanese seasoning and is combined with kale, a classic vegetable. It is this ideal Yin Yang combination, a mixture of Eastern and Western cuisine that makes this seasoning unique and harmonious. The peppery flavor of the kale goes perfectly with the spicy wasabi. Wasabi is a root that grows almost exclusively in Japan and is a real delicacy. More info.


Use the spices small quantities. 100% Yuzu and Yuzu Chili goes perfectly with beetroot and avocado, or in noodle soup and with sushi. Also use it as an aromatic seasoning in sauces, dressings or as a fresh touch in soft drinks, desserts, marmalade and chocolate. Use Wasabi Kale as a twist in your salads, soups, rice, tofu or in a green smoothie.Moreover, it is perfect for decorating your dish. Sprinkle it on

Inspiring recipes with the spice mixes, the seasoning for any dish!

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