Lima’s Vegan Charter

Lima’s Vegan Charter

Allergens and vegetarians
At present, a number of animal allergens must, by law, be indicated on food labels: shellfish, fish, cow’s milk, hen’s eggs and molluscs. If there is an unavoidable risk, companies must state on the label “May contain” and indicate the allergens concerned. This information is intended for people with allergies.

Don’t confuse allergens with ingredients
Vegans do not eat any products derived from animals. People with allergies need to avoid any trace of allergens to which they have an allergic reaction. These are wide-reaching issues. (Ref.: Food Standards Agency)

What about ingredients which are not allergens?
Not all ingredients of animal origin are automatically classed as allergens.

Even in premises where the very best hygiene practices are observed, there is always the risk of unwanted contamination with animal products. For example, insects may be found in food such as fruit, vegetables, chocolate, cereal products, flour and herbs, while seaweed also comes into contact with molluscs. The psychological fear is completely understandable, but veganism is not about bodily purity. Choosing to eat only products which are guaranteed to be allergen-free does not mean that you are necessarily a vegan.

Lima makes every effort in its production processes to limit as far as reasonably possible the risk of cross-contamination with animal substances used in other (non-vegan) products.

Legislation: Allergen labelling
New European legislation: as from 13 December 2014, all food labelling has been required to provide consumers with clear, full and easily understandable information. Moreover, all suppliers of non-pre-packaged foodstuffs must provide consumers with information on the presence of allergens in their products.

Lima does not use any animal ingredients - meat, fish, molluscs or insects - in any of its products. Neither does it use any products of animal origin, so no dairy products, eggs, honey, gelatine, rennet or cod-liver oil. Download the full list here.

Download the extended version of the Vegan Charter here.